We are not having the Pumpkin Walk this year, there were
too many problems last year with traffic and parking.
We will miss it, as it was our favorite event of the year!
Thank you to everyone who came the last 3 years!
Rhonda & Joe

We checked the pawpaw trees on Tuesday, Sept 5
and did a count to see how much fruit is out there.
It is a little better than last year, but most of our trees do
not have any or have very little fruit on them.
We are not sure why this is.

We will not be doing mail orders as the supply is
too small to commit to sending out orders.

We will be selling them at our stand on the
14th and the 21st of October, beginning at 9 am
until we sell out.
In the past, this has been within an hour.

Fruit will be sold in in 4 lb. bags for $20 a bag.
There is a 4 lb. limit per person for fresh pawpaws.
There is a 2 lb. limit per person for frozen pawpaws.
Frozen bags of pawpaw pulp will be $15 for 2 lbs.

We will not reserve or hold fruit or sell
any fruit in advance.
We will not ship any fresh or frozen pawpaws.
Please come early to get your place
in line as we have a tremendous following for the pawpaws
and they will sell out fast.

Page updated on Sept 19, 2017

We will send out emails to
everyone on our email list and will post updates
on our Facebook Page
for blueberry, pawpaw, and pumpkin walk news.
Please see our email and Facebook contact
information below.

      Email us at,
please let us know your first and last name, and ask
to receive updates during the year.
Thank You!