Rocky Point Blueberry Farm Stand

Rocky Point Farm grows blueberries, mainly for customers in our area who pick their own. Our website tells about us, about picking and enjoying blueberries, and about the health benefits of blueberries. You can also find links to other sites, including sources of recipes.
We even offer tips on growing your own blueberries.

The 2014 Blueberry Season opened on Tuesday, July 8th!
We are having a terrific bumper crop this year!
So far over 5.4 tons of berries have been picked and
the bushes are still Loaded with blue fruit!
This could be our Peak week!
Our hours are 7 am to 12 noon every day.
We are also open on Thursday evenings from 4 pm to dusk.
The price is $2.50 a pound for Pick Your Own and
$4.25 a pound for already picked, if we have them available.

“The best blueberry pickers move their
fingers more than their feet!”

We also grow and sell another fruit, the pawpaw,
that may be new to you! Pawpaws will be
ready in the Fall, beginning in late September to mid October. We will be selling them at our stand during that time. We will send out an email update when they are ready.

 pawpaw fruit
      Email us at, provide your first and last name, and ask
to receive updates during the picking season.
Thank You!